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Published: 05th May 2011
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One of the smallest organs in our human body system, Gallbladder is yet an extremely important organ leading to fatal health conditions. Merely the size and shape of a pear, extending to a maximum length of 3 4 inch (7 10 cm), gall bladder is a sac like structure storing within it the bile juice, a digestive enzyme produced by liver and needed for the digestion of fat. However, the gallbladder is extremely prone to diseases and has a higher risk of affecting women in comparison to men. Well, if you wish to check yourself for any Gallbladder Symptoms, here is the entire list of symptoms you can read to determine your health condition.

Gall bladder diseases usually include infection, inflammation, blockage and stones. According to studies held by the American Gastroenterological Association, nearly 1 million new cases of gall stones are diagnosed, while over 25,000 million people are affected by Gallstones annually in America alone. The Gall Bladder Symptoms are very general and difficult to diagnose. Hence, it gets important to check yourself regularly for any minute symptom.
Gallbladder symptoms check!

Tender pain on the right side of your body, underneath your rib cage.
Grieving pain between the shoulder blades.
Chalky or light colored stools.
Indigestion after eating greasy or fatty food.
Belching or unnecessary burping
Fullness of stomach, without a heavy diet.
Bitter fluid taste in mouth after eating
Headache, especially on the right side over your eyes.
High use of laxatives.

Attack Symptoms

General Gallbladder Symptoms are not too severe as compared to the symptoms suffered during the more critical stages. Diagnosing these attack symptoms is much more vital than the regular symptoms.

Gentle to severe pricking pain on the right side of the body, just underneath the rib cage.
Radiating pain from the right side to the back or towards the right shoulder.
Severe unbearable upper abdominal pain.
Pain often at night
Severe pain after overeating.
Pain attack after eating fatty food.
Severe pain lasting from a mere 15 min to an unbearable 15 hours.
Increasing pain worsening with slow and deep inhalation.
Burping or even belching

Each of these Gall Bladder Symptoms appears similar for all gall bladder diseases mentioned earlier. They also appear resembling to the symptoms caused by indigestion. So, take care of your health and keep a check on these symptoms.

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